Monday, May 11, 2015

☆.•°*°•.☆BLOG TOUR☆.•°*°•.☆ All About Us (All or Nothing #1) by Ashley Erin

Title: All About Us
Series: All or Nothing #1
Author: Ashley Erin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 10, 2015

Emma is broken inside. After tragedy strikes she returns to her childhood home in hopes to heal her heart. Reconnecting with old family friends, Emma is unprepared for the way her long lost friend, Dane, makes her feel. Emma fights the attraction, but Dane is a man impossible to resist. What she doesn’t expect is for Dane to pursue her with a determination that makes her resolve waver. His ability to calm the storm that rages inside her and the way he makes her pulse race is a dangerous combination. She is risking everything. Can Emma set aside her fears and give Dane a chance? Her walls will break, her heart will be tested and she will never be the same.

**All About Us is the first in a series of standalone novels. It does not have a cliffhanger, and can be read on its own. This novel contains sexually explicit material and is intended for readers 18 and older.**

Ashley has a degree in Psychology and has worked in the Human Services field for five years. She loves reading romance, new adult, paranormal and fantasy novels.

She lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta with her boyfriend, two dogs and four cats. She also has a horse she loves with all her heart. When she is not working with the horses, reading and writing, you can find her on social media.

Seriously, I'm not one to write reviews I just rate them. BUT... I loved this debut novel!! It was written very well. I felt a connection with the main characters. I'm quite positive that I will have a hangover for a couple days..Dane is my new book boyfriend.. ~Amazon Customer
How freaking good is this book? Well let me tell you that it is fanfreakingrastic!!!! ~ For the Love of Books
For a first time author this is an EXCELLENT debut and honestly, hats off for a well written, engaging and beautiful love story of a love that was meant to be. ~ Romance Bytes
If you're looking for a sweet romance with just enough spice and angst to keep you wanting more, this is the book for you. ~ Author Rachel Smith


Ashley Erin, oh my goodness lady where can I begin.  I LOVE the story!!!

From the beginning you had me, I love the way both the characters came to life. You kept me engaged and wanting to see what was to come. Emma and Dane's story is one that was told beautifully and classy. Emma moving back to her childhood home to feel the connection to her family. Dane wanting her and being excited to have her but knowing she needed time. Love the scene where they see each other again after so many years!!!!

When they finally connect the relationship isn't perfect, they run into some set backs. Having their friends and family as support helps them see what they have is real and its meant to be. The fact that Dane knew Emma belonged to him for so long had me falling for him. Him trying to give her space but doing all the perfect things was fun to read. Him helping her with her anxiety and being supportive of her work. Some of my favorite parts of the book are him romancing her and sweeping her off her feet, oh that ending...SWOON! 

The supporting characters were so well written. I have a few I would love to see more of. For a first time author this is an EXCELLENT debut and honestly, hats off for a well written, engaging and beautiful love story of a love that was meant to be.

Excited for more!!!!!!


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