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Age: 35
Birthdate: February 22nd
Birth Place: Man, WV (Yes, there really is a town called Man and our HS mascot was a Hillbilly. True story, google it.)
Current Home Location: Clemmons, NC
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: Seduction and Snacks
Favorite Author: Tara Sivec
Favorite Quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou
Favorite Song: Any song by Bruno Mars
Likes: Fall weather, Dr. Pepper, funny people, Reeses Pieces, too many tv shows to name, and wearing sweatpants all day
Dislikes: Onions, tomatoes, rude people, bratty kids, waking up early, grocery shopping, and putting away laundry  
Hobbies: books

After many years of wondering “What if?”, Angel Bales decided to finally give in to the voices in her head that had been nagging her for so long. After her debut book, Pen Point, had readers crying tears of laughter, she followed up with Calculating Risks to keep the good times rolling in the Love Invested Series.
Angel was born and raised in the southern West Virginia coal fields. She now resides in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, and Siberian Husky. Wherever you find Angel, you can guarantee a book is within her reach. 



*I can’t use a paper towel unless it tears from the roll perfectly straight.

*I don’t understand how people can wear their socks on the wrong feet…yes there is a right and left sock!

*I sometimes pretend to have stomach troubles so I can spend an extended amount of time alone in the bathroom without interruptions.

*I’m one of those nuts that go shopping on Black Friday every year. It’s like I get to play in my own personal super bowl! 

*When I was a kid I used to hide things behind the couch that I didn’t want my mom to see. i.e. my hair that I cut off myself, bad grades from school, candy wrappers from the candy I wasn’t supposed to eat 

Tambria is a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman in her 30's. She's responsible, has a degree in accounting and avoids drama at all costs. So how does she deal when she finds her husband having playtime with a male co-worker? A cross-country move seems like the perfect plan.

Roxtown, Colorado has the perfect solution. Her best friend from college is there with an immediate job offer to join the family firm. Things just seem to be falling into place when Tambria is given an amazing opportunity to work with one of the wealthiest CEO's in the country. Not only is he wealthy, but he can melt panties right off your ass with just his presence.

Tambria refuses to join the flocks of women that fall all over themselves to catch Evan's attention. Yes, he can be distracting. Especially when he looks at her like he's ready to throw her up against the nearest wall and do things to her body that she's never experienced before. She's determined to stay focused on her career and adjusting to being a single woman again. Can she handle the job and keep her heart and underwear in tact?

Sassy, is a quality that describes Camille Channing best.
Brilliance, is an attribute she inherited from her father.
Independence, is what she thought she’d always have by living the single life.
Camille Channing, the most outspoken woman in the state of Colorado, has everything working in her favor. She is an up and coming business mogul, working her way through the investment industry like a boss. She’s never wanted a serious relationship. Her mother had made it her life’s mission to take care of her husband and child instead of using the degree she spent so many years and money to receive. That was the driving force for Cammie’s success. She wanted to have full control of her life with no distractions and nothing tying her down.
There was only one man brave enough to take on the challenge that Cammie presented. Drew Valente knew she had reservations about being in a serious relationship. He knew her career and her father’s company, Channing Investments, has been and always would be her top priority.
Can Drew prove himself worthy of a strong, self-reliant, unwavering woman like Cammie? Will he tear down a small crack in her protective walls and slip into her heart? Cammie loves having him around, she enjoys his company, and the sex is off the charts. But with all those good things, she’s still always….Calculating the Risks.

As you may or may not know, I love to meet people. To talk and get to know them, here is my latest convo (that I am able to share ;-) with you) with the funny and talented Angel Bales. Angel, first off THANK YOU!!!!! I appreciate the time to chat with you and  to get to know you better.

RB:  Where did the urge to write come from? Inspirations; authors, books, characters?

AB: I’ve always been a book nerd and for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to try writing my own.  There are so many people that inspire me every day from friends, family, authors, bloggers, and readers. Also, music is a big inspiration. When I’m writing my headphones are on.

RB: Where did the inspiration of Tambria’s story come from?

AB: When I decided I was going to actually do it, really write a book, I wanted it to be something fun. I love the dark and twisty books, but there are times when I just need a lighthearted and easy book after going through so many emotions with those stories on top of my own stresses. That’s what I wanted to give readers with Pen Point and Tambria just sort of jumped out and said “Birch have I got a story for your ass”!

RB: Who was the inspiration for Evan Maxfield?

AB: Stuart Reardon – SOOOOOO HOT!!!

RB:  Crazy ass Cammie, is there a Cammie in your life?

AB: There most definitely is a Cammie in my life, her name is Kim. She is the one who put her foot in my ass and encouraged me to write. I really need to start recording our conversations because it’s some seriously funny shit when we are together.

RB:  Birch, where did the term come from and how does one become one?

AB: True story -- my real life Cammie, aka Kim, has an iPhone with a very overactive and inaccurate autocorrect. While chatting on Facebook one night, she was trying to say “Calm down bitches”. Her phone’s interpretation of that was “Chap down birches”. So now we only use the word bitch for people we really don’t like. Birches are the cool chicks. Anyone can be a birch, as long as they’re not a bitch ;)

RB: Drew’s club in Calculating Risks, was beautiful. Have you ever visited a place like that?

AB: Thank you! I have never visited a place like that so if you find one let me know and we’ll plan a visit together!

RB:  What did you learn about yourself in the writing process?

AB: Wow, good question! I’ve learned that I actually do in fact possess the ability to be patient, which contradicts how I’ve been living my entire life. I’ve had to be patient with myself and with my characters. It’s a new skill I’m quite proud of!

RB:  What would you say is the most difficult part of being an indie author?

AB: Just putting yourself and your work out there is pretty damn hard. It’s scary as hell to put so much work into something, then throw it to the wolves and hope it doesn’t get ripped to shreds.

RB:  What is the most rewarding part about being an indie author?

AB: Being able to interact with other indie authors, readers, and bloggers. I’ve made some amazing friends over the past year in the indie world.

RB: How do you deal with writers block?

AB:  By banging my head against a brick wall until the words are beaten out of my characters...
Okay, not that. But there have been times when it seemed like the perfect solution. I’ll revert back to my answer for #7. Patience. I just wait it out until the words come.

RB: Favorite book you have read in the last year?

AB: This is by far the hardest question to answer. I love every book I read for different reasons. But I won’t leave you hanging with that as my answer. So if I have to pick one off the top of head right now…The Corps Security series by Harper Sloan (I know it’s not one book, the whole series will have to do).

RB: Who is your current book boyfriend?

AB: I just finished reading Heart of Light and Heart of Marley by T.K. Leigh and I am really loving me some Cam. Those books are phenomenal by the way.

RB;  Time management. How do you manage to be a working mom, wife and a writer?

AB: Ah, you left out another current role of mine, softball team mom LOL
It’s freaking exhausting! But I’m not the first, nor will I be the last woman that has a billion and one things going on in her life every day. Last year when I was in the beginning stages with Pen Point, I thought I’d never be able to complete a book and still keep up with my full-time job, family, and friends. I was at the point of giving up writing when I heard something that has been a gigantic piece of guidance for me. I know I’m not quoting word for word, but here’s the gist of it…

When you have so many obligations in everyday life, you have to juggle and balance. You have to understand that you’re not always going to be great at every aspect every day. Today you may struggle at work. Tomorrow you may struggle with your family. You’re juggling baskets and sometimes, it’s okay to put one of those baskets down and take it out of rotation for a minute. Just don’t leave that same basket sitting over to the side for too long.

RB:  When you first held your book in your hands, what was the first thing you said or did?

AB:  I came home from work on my lunch break because I got notification that it had been delivered. I shed a few happy tears, laughed, and of course took a pic for Facebook!

RB: Are you currently working on anything new?

AB:  Yes and it’s very different from what readers have seen from me so far. Cammie and Tambria’s stories were a way for me to get my feet wet. This one is definitely more of an emotional ride for sure. At least it has been for me so far.
As of right now, I don’t have a date set. Hell, I don’t even have a title, but I absolutely cannot wait to share this with the book world.

RB: Any advice for anyone who is thinking of writing their fist book?
Stop thinking about it and just write. You are your worst critic, so throw self-doubt out the window and get out the pen and paper.

I cannot thank Angel Bales enough for her time. I greatly appreciate it. I hope you all get to meet Tambria and Cammie. Those girls are a freaking riot!!! Let me know when you get to the eyebrow scene... CLASSIC!!!!!

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