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*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT WITH Q & A WITH FABIOLA FRANCISCO ::*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*

Age: 29
Birthdate: December 31st
Birth Place: Miami, FL
Current Home Location: Miami, FL
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: Nova and Quinton Series by Jessica Sorensen
Favorite Author: Just one?! Hmm…K.A. Linde is top on my list.
Favorite Quote: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become.” Carl Gustav Jung
Favorite Song: My Best Friend by Tim McGraw
Likes: chocolate, listening to music, hiking when I’m somewhere near mountains
Dislikes: pickles and lizards
Hobbies: yoga, painting, writing, reading


Fabiola Francisco is an independent, Contemporary Romance author and publisher from Miami, FL. She has always loved writing, and her love for books has inspired her to write her own story. She is an avid reader of romance novels.
She writes stories that readers could relate to and grow with. She hopes to continue writing more stories to reach readers individually.
Fabiola enjoys writing about life and love, including romance in her stories. She also loves expressing herself through art and being out in nature.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorfabiolafrancisco

Twitter: www.twitter.com/authorfabiola

Website: www.authorfabiolafrancisco.wordpress.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8282534.Fabiola_Francisco


1. I totally jam out when I’m home alone to Luke Bryan.
This country girl will definitely shake it for him.
2. I’m terrified of lizards and one day one snuck into my car. Couldn’t’ drive it for weeks,
 yes weeks, until I finally found it half dead and my brother took it out.
3.  I used to tap dance when I was younger and sometimes
I still catch myself tapping to an old beat from childhood.
4. I love to tell corny jokes and laugh at them. 
5. I snort when I laugh.

Perfectly Imperfect


"This story was the most honest account of relationships that I have read this year."

"These two are a dynamic, hot pair."

"This book was truly amazing it.. Had me crying one moment and giggling out loud the next moment."

"Such a sweet love story about two people who live with everyday battles and insecurities!"


Mia is a strong, successful woman rising in her career. She has her best friend, Steph, by her side, and a taste for party and men. She also carries the burden of her past on her shoulders.

That is until she meets Grayson, and he throws her off balance, causing her to feel emotions she's hidden under the surface for a very long time.

Will she be able to finally open her heart to someone and blossom, or will her past continue to haunt her and keep her sheltered under the murky waters of those memories?

Restoring Us

Two years.

It’s been two long years since Ava packed everything and left the life she once knew far behind her seeking a new adventure. All, except for her broken heart.

Once upon a time Ava and Ethan were in love. Their relationship was perfect, and they both planned a future together, filled with promise and hope. It wasn’t until an unwelcomed event storms into their lives, tearing their plans and dreams away; leaving Ethan broken and Ava unable to recover.

Two years later, fate crosses their paths once again but the shadow of their haunted past lingers. Ava has slowly rebuilt her life, finally finding some normalcy in it. On the other hand, Ethan has sorted to releasing his guilt and remorse in questionable ways, but his thoughts never strayed from the memories of Ava.

Will they get a second chance to rewrite their story, or will the pain and rejection be too much for Ava to bear and furthermore forgive?

Resisting You (Restoring Series Book 1.5)
Aiden is Chicago’s most desired bachelor. Women either want to tame him, or get lost in his touch. He’s a man who has it all: great job, money, and women.

When he meets Stacy, the one woman who doesn’t surrender to his inescapable appeal, he is faced with a challenge he can’t resist, an exhilarating chase he is determined to win.

The chase becomes a seduction neither of them can withhold. Will it last or are some habits too difficult to break?
 RB: Where did the inspiration for Ava and Ethan’s story come from?
FF: I had a recurring scene in my mind back in 2009 that drove me insane until I wrote it. I had never, up until that point, thought about writing a book. Once I wrote that scene, the story started to develop. However, I put it to a side thinking I was crazy to consider writing a novel.  I was finally able to build that story from that one scene and it was such a great feeling to add that scene into Restoring Us at the end. 

RB: Who are your Ethan and Ava?

FF: My Ethan is Jensen Ackles and my Ava is Elizabeth Olsen. 

RB: When writing Restoring Us, what was the toughest part of the story to write?

FF: The toughest parts of the story to write were the flashbacks. I kept asking myself, why?! Originally, the book was going to begin how the flashbacks are and develop their story into the future, but it was too painful for me to write the entire story of her suffering through the disease. That is why it took me so long to actually write up the story and figure out how to do it justice. 

RB: The 80’s party in the book was epic. How did that part come about and how did you decide who would rock what outfit? I wanted to go to the party but I guess my invite got lost.

FF: Oh, that 80s party! That is one of my favorite scenes in the book. Here’s a little secret, my 25th birthday was an 80s theme party. Definitely not as epic as Ava’s though. I guess I added a bit of my own dreams into that one and had fun with it. 
I’ll need to make sure the next invite doesn’t get lost in the mail and you do receive it. 

(EEEKKKK!!! I can't wait for that invite. HEHEHE)

As for the outfits, I followed each character’s personality and thought of outfits that would suit them. Aiden is the conceited player; he had to be the all out rocker. Ava is a combination, conservative and daring in one, she had the white with a hint of edge to it. It was fun to dress them all up and I did use from my own experience to draw up costumes. Dan is the funny one in the bunch. It was only appropriate for him to dress up like Richard Simmons and Jess like a workout girl. {My brother actually did the Richard Simmons thing for my birthday, so I thought it would be a fun addition}. 

RB: When did you decide that Aiden needed his book? Which I must add is hot and I want him bad!

FF: Early into Restoring Us I had decided Aiden was going to have his own book. I was curious as to where he would go when he would disappear from certain chapters in Restoring Us, and I knew I needed to find out what he was up to. I remember thinking as I was writing one of the earlier chapters in Restoring Us, Where has Aiden been? He hasn’t been mentioned for a few scenes.  Boy, he was up to some naughty stuff. 

RB: Who are your Aiden and Stacy?

My Aiden is Heath Hutchins {total hottie alert} and my Stacy is Lily Collins. 

RB: What or who were your inspirations to begin your journey as an author?

FF: Oh gosh. I’ve always liked writing. It was part of my personal journey for many years, but what I wrote was always for myself. My own thoughts, my own emotions. I never dared to publish it because it was so private to me. When that first scene repeated in my mind in 2009, I thought that maybe I could write a novel. Of course, I had no idea where to begin or if I had lost my mind. 

The thought that I had that scene and plot saved in an old laptop kept popping into my mind. I finally grabbed the file and saved it in a USB to reread, and probably cringe at my own words. I loved it as much as I did when I first wrote it and I knew I had to get my story out. 

Reading other books and understanding that literature has no boundaries, I dared to write my story. Perfectly Imperfect was not what I thought I would write, but it is the story that came about as I started typing. I always thought, the scene from Restoring Us {which was untitled then} inspired me to write something new and fresh. Even if I didn’t write the original story I thought about, that scene helped build the courage to try something new. Of course, a little after that Restoring Us was written. 

RB: What would you say is the most difficult part about being and Indie Author?

FF: Definitely juggling so many roles. It can be very difficult to manage all aspects of being an author. Marketing is something I struggle with and am learning as I go. So many things to learn and remember. 

RB: What is the most rewarding?

FF:  The most rewarding thing is getting notes from my readers. I love when a reader tells me they enjoyed my books. I love it even more when they say they could relate to my characters on a personal level and understand their motives. I try to write real life events that I can relate to, and knowing others can grab something from my writing is an incredible feeling. 

RB: Reviews. What do they mean to an author and what do you look for in a review?

FF: Reviews mean a lot to authors. For me, they are learning tools that can help me grow and better myself. Reviews do not need to be five stars to be great. I think honest and respectful reviews help any growing author. Aren’t we all always learning in life? That is part of our journey, and receiving positive reviews from readers help me better my writing and encourage me. It is nice to hear what people think about your books. I can say reviews have definitely motivated me to keep on going. 

RB: What have you learned about yourself in the writing process?

FF: Oh, boy. So many things. For one, I can really focus on something if I want it bad enough. I can write a novel and dialogue. I was really nervous about dialogue writing when I first began and that held me back from trying to writing a novel for years. 

What I have learned the most is to keep on believing in myself. This journey has not just been one of writing for me, but following my dreams and seeing where they take me. You know the song, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey? That’s what I’ve learned. 
Keep on trucking and do what makes you truly happy. 

(Huge Steve Perry Fan over here. -RB)

RB: If you could meet any author, past or present, who would it be and why?

FF: I would love to meet Paulo Coellho. His stories and insight are so deep that I would love to have a conversation with him and just get lost in the philosophy of life. 

(Ah, The Alchemist. I need to read that book -RB)

RB: Do you have a favorite book from your childhood?

FF: If I’m honest, I was not much of a reader when I was a child. I did love all the Amelia Bedelia books. I would find myself checking them out of my school library over and over again. 

RB:  What would you say makes up a good book boyfriend?

FF: A good book boyfriend needs to have the perfect combination of physical attributes and personality. Yeah, a hot guy can make u swoon, but a sweet and caring man holds my heart forever. I think a book boyfriend who cares about the main character, fights to be with her, and has some flaws of his own are a perfect combination. I wouldn’t be opposed to a southern drawl and cowboy boots. ;) I love damaged characters, and a damaged, loving book boyfriend will win me over. 

RB:  What are you currently reading?
I actually just finished The Girl of Diamonds and Rust {Half Shell Series} by Susan Ward yesterday. I’m in a bit of a book hangover and still attached to these characters. I am building myself up to start something new, but I need to give myself time to nurse this hangover. 

(Oh, I might have to discuss this with you. That's next on my list. -RB)

RB: Has any member of your family read your books, if so what were their thoughts?

FF: Yes, they have. My aunts have read them and loved them. My mom has read Perfectly Imperfect and she said she enjoyed it. I’m still not sure how I feel about her reading my smutty books LOL That was interesting to tell her I had written a book and there were steamy scenes in it. Then to email it to her before it was released because she wanted to read. I’m not sure if she was in shock, or just expected it from me. 

RB: Aside from writing what did you want to be when you were a child?

FF: Choosing a career was always a struggle for me. I think I thought up more possible jobs growing up than anyone. Do you want the long list or short one? Every character I have written has had one of my dream jobs. 

As a teen, I always wanted to open a cupcake shop. I love baking and cooking so that is something I used to dream of doing. I also wanted to be in the art scene like Ava and Stacy. 

Another career I would have loved to do is archaeology. I know, it sounds kind of dorky, but how cool to dig up old artifacts and figure out past history. I have yet to write a character that has that career, but it will come. 

(Oh, interesting facts! I love it. -RB)

RB: Favorite book you have read in the last year?

FF: I read the Nova and Quinton Series by Jessica Sorensen and loved it! Talk about a heart wrenching and consuming series. 

RB: Book signings. Have you attended as a fan? Will you be attending any as an author?

FF: I have never attended a book signing, as a fan or author. I would love to attend one in the near future. I am looking into options and cities nearby to get started. As soon as I know, you will know. 

RB: What advice do you have for any up and coming authors?

FF: Write. Just write what is in your heart and do not doubt yourself. We all have a voice inside, listen to it and it will guide you. Even if you write a few sentences and wonder where it came from, keep it; that is the little voice telling you what to release on paper. The more you write, the more you progress in this path. People will love your writing and will hate it, remember why you started. 

Fabiola, thank yo so much for this opportunity. You are wonderful!

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